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How To Win Singapore Toto Lottery Games?

Lottery numbers are usually randomly drawn. If you want to win the lottery games, it is necessary to track the drawn numbers, as it will form some patterns which will help you to draw the right number. Analyzing them in a right way will help you to win the Lottery games. Though some countries strictly banned lottery games, countries like Singapore will allow the people to play lottery games controlled by Singapore Government Tote Board.

Singapore Government allowing people to play three lottery games such Toto, 4D and Sweep. Let us discuss how to win Toto games:

Odd-Even Lotto Number Tips:

When you choose your lottery numbers, try to choose them in a mix of both odd and even numbers. As, all even numbers or all odd numbers happen rarely in a game. The best mix given in is to have 2/4, 4/2 or 3/3, which actually means two odd and four even or four odd and two even or three odd and three even.

High-Low Lotto Number Tips:

Winning numbers usually spread across the entire number field which is divided into the halves. In Toto 49-number game, numbers from 1 to 24 come under low half and numbers from 25 to 49 come under high half. For choosing the numbers go for the mix of both low half and high half numbers. As, all high numbers or all low numbers are rarely drawn in a game.

Lottery Number Group Strategies:

It is necessary to maintain the record of past winning numbers and try to find patterns if possible, which will help you to choose the new winning number. Tracking and studying number groups help you to decide the winning number.

Lottery Number Sum:

When you choose six numbers to be played, add them and see the result whether it falls between 115 to 185. As sums falling under this range usually accounts for 70 % of all lottery jackpots won.

Repeat Hits Lottery Tips:

In toto game, one lottery number will be repeat hit and, it is considered from the last drawing percentage of the time. Thus, you can make use of number strategies in order to improve your odds of winning larger prizes.