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Amulet For Good Luck

An open market named Ta Pra Chan is situated in the middle of Bangkok. They deal with amulets, the small Buddhas images that Thai people wear or put in the cars or as necklace. In big glass cases, dealers show their products, with tiny signs highlighting the most costly pieces. There are some good indicators that trade is safe. Several vendors, soccer matches betting, idly munching phat thai noodle and debating local politics, sit around a table. Some wizened customers walk around market, often stopping to talk or examine an amulet with dealers.

The situation was a lot different just a couple of years earlier. Ta Pra Chan went hopping almost every morning in the early 1990s. Dealers and customers haggled over sales frenziedly. Amulet fans went to inspect and purchase the products on sale from Hong Kong, Singapore, & even United States. But the amulet business was decimated by Thai’s economic crisis, it started in 1997 & wreaked havoc in the country. In reality, the activity of the amulet market foreshadowed & mirrored to an unprecedented degree of economic crisis. Some of the leading Thai forecasters now think that Thai economists will understand now that how economy of the country crashed, and how to revitalized, by observing trends in Buddhist amulet trading.

Many of the Thais sent their new revenue to buy phrakhrueng (amulets) from, claiming that dangerous spirits can be avoided by these talismans and improve one’s luck. The Phrakhrueng phenomenon is not new. Usually made of gold or bronze, amulets are crafted than 3 centuries or more in the foundries of Thailand. They have traditionally been made, Buddhist monks bless them, and bought by anyone who wants a Buddha reminder or this will protects you from dangerous. For instance, Bangkok politicians have provided amulets to all Thai workers working in hazardous area of Israel & to Thai soldiers patrolling East Timer. Fans of amulets will meet to share gossip, stories, & compare pieces in small shops.

Thais started to perceive amulets as possible investments as the economy boomed. The market for Buddha goods has become almost insatiable. In the 1980s and 1990s, forty periodicals dedicated to invest in amulets sprung up, & more than a million people, mainly residents of Bangkok, started trading with them. Blessed by prominent monks, Phrakhrueng costs $200000 each. Exceptionally rare amulet indicates Rama I, the Thai king of the eighteenth century, was valued in excess of $1 million. While filming The Beach in southern Thailand, Leonardo DiCaprio said that he got the amulet from monk who is living in Phuket resort

Problems arose as the trade in amulets boomed. Famous Buddhist temples started amulets to get fund for temple construction. Bangkok tours also had amulet stores and markets in which foreigners are allowed to invest on expensive goods.