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Find a Lost Mobile With Dead Battery

Can you imagine that feeling when your phone has been lost? Losing the mobile will be a big tragedy in today’s world, similar to or more bad than you losing your keys or wallet. However this is not the end of it. There are lots of applications available in Play store for Android users that help you monitor your cell phone if you accidentally dropped it somewhere, even more bad if phone get stolen. You can track its location as long as the phone is switched on. But what to do if the battery of your phone is dead? You should face this fact that it’s gone forever at that point. Or are you? Lets have a check on quick tips available at

Make use of Lookout

Sad part is that when the phone is off you can’t locate your phone with GPS connection. Lookout Mobile ‘automatically records it’s last location of your android phone before battery go dead. Then login to your computer or mobile device into their website to get place on map. This application gives you best chance to locate your missing Smartphone after the battery go died, short of retracing your steps.

What if before you lost your phone, you didn’t have tracking application installed? What if numerous Android users don’t know is that even though you have not installed a particular applications designed track it, you can still monitor your Smartphone. Here are few ways to locate a lost Android phone, even though tracking software has not been installed:

Using Google’s system manager for Android

If your phone is linked to Google account, you are lucky. Google’s android device manager enable user to login and monitor their missing cell phone on laptop or another mobile to their Google account. The only criterion for finding the mobile is that phone should be connected to Internet and turned on. If it doesn’t work initially, keep on trying, chances are there that your phone might not be in coverage temporarily. Users may also give ring to their phone & if necessary, wipe off the data of their phone.

Lost Android

If Google’s android system manager does not find your handset, this is little more complex approach. You should first remotely install the software from Google Play through the browser in order to use Android Lost. Your phone already needs to be linked to Google account to do this. You should send an SMS saying ‘Android lost register’ to lost phone as you can’t activate the application by opening on your computer. This will remotely register your information using your account with Google.

You can now use that information to navigate to missing Android website & sign in. You will be provided with a variety of options once signed in including: tracking your device’s location, wiping off the memory, deleting SD card, take a photo using the rear or front camera, and there are several new other features that helps to get your phone back.