Find a Lost Mobile With Dead Battery

Can you imagine that feeling when your phone has been lost? Losing the mobile will be a big tragedy in today’s world, similar to or more bad than you losing your keys or wallet. However this is not the end of it. There are lots of applications available in Play store for Android users that help you monitor your cell phone if you accidentally dropped it somewhere, even more bad if phone get stolen. You can track its location as long as the phone is switched on. But what to do if the battery of your phone is dead? You should face this fact that it’s gone forever at that point. Or are you? Lets have a check on quick tips available at

Make use of Lookout

Sad part is that when the phone is off you can’t locate your phone with GPS connection. Lookout Mobile ‘automatically records it’s last location of your android phone before battery go dead. Then login to your computer or mobile device into their website to get place on map. This application gives you best chance to locate your missing Smartphone after the battery go died, short of retracing your steps.

What if before you lost your phone, you didn’t have tracking application installed? What if numerous Android users don’t know is that even though you have not installed a particular applications designed track it, you can still monitor your Smartphone. Here are few ways to locate a lost Android phone, even though tracking software has not been installed:

Using Google’s system manager for Android

If your phone is linked to Google account, you are lucky. Google’s android device manager enable user to login and monitor their missing cell phone on laptop or another mobile to their Google account. The only criterion for finding the mobile is that phone should be connected to Internet and turned on. If it doesn’t work initially, keep on trying, chances are there that your phone might not be in coverage temporarily. Users may also give ring to their phone & if necessary, wipe off the data of their phone.

Lost Android

If Google’s android system manager does not find your handset, this is little more complex approach. You should first remotely install the software from Google Play through the browser in order to use Android Lost. Your phone already needs to be linked to Google account to do this. You should send an SMS saying ‘Android lost register’ to lost phone as you can’t activate the application by opening on your computer. This will remotely register your information using your account with Google.

You can now use that information to navigate to missing Android website & sign in. You will be provided with a variety of options once signed in including: tracking your device’s location, wiping off the memory, deleting SD card, take a photo using the rear or front camera, and there are several new other features that helps to get your phone back.

Amulet For Good Luck

An open market named Ta Pra Chan is situated in the middle of Bangkok. They deal with amulets, the small Buddhas images that Thai people wear or put in the cars or as necklace. In big glass cases, dealers show their products, with tiny signs highlighting the most costly pieces. There are some good indicators that trade is safe. Several vendors, soccer matches betting, idly munching phat thai noodle and debating local politics, sit around a table. Some wizened customers walk around market, often stopping to talk or examine an amulet with dealers.

The situation was a lot different just a couple of years earlier. Ta Pra Chan went hopping almost every morning in the early 1990s. Dealers and customers haggled over sales frenziedly. Amulet fans went to inspect and purchase the products on sale from Hong Kong, Singapore, & even United States. But the amulet business was decimated by Thai’s economic crisis, it started in 1997 & wreaked havoc in the country. In reality, the activity of the amulet market foreshadowed & mirrored to an unprecedented degree of economic crisis. Some of the leading Thai forecasters now think that Thai economists will understand now that how economy of the country crashed, and how to revitalized, by observing trends in Buddhist amulet trading.

Many of the Thais sent their new revenue to buy phrakhrueng (amulets) from, claiming that dangerous spirits can be avoided by these talismans and improve one’s luck. The Phrakhrueng phenomenon is not new. Usually made of gold or bronze, amulets are crafted than 3 centuries or more in the foundries of Thailand. They have traditionally been made, Buddhist monks bless them, and bought by anyone who wants a Buddha reminder or this will protects you from dangerous. For instance, Bangkok politicians have provided amulets to all Thai workers working in hazardous area of Israel & to Thai soldiers patrolling East Timer. Fans of amulets will meet to share gossip, stories, & compare pieces in small shops.

Thais started to perceive amulets as possible investments as the economy boomed. The market for Buddha goods has become almost insatiable. In the 1980s and 1990s, forty periodicals dedicated to invest in amulets sprung up, & more than a million people, mainly residents of Bangkok, started trading with them. Blessed by prominent monks, Phrakhrueng costs $200000 each. Exceptionally rare amulet indicates Rama I, the Thai king of the eighteenth century, was valued in excess of $1 million. While filming The Beach in southern Thailand, Leonardo DiCaprio said that he got the amulet from monk who is living in Phuket resort

Problems arose as the trade in amulets boomed. Famous Buddhist temples started amulets to get fund for temple construction. Bangkok tours also had amulet stores and markets in which foreigners are allowed to invest on expensive goods.

Singapore Hotels – Focus On The Bugis And Kampong Glam Districts

Singapore is located in the Southern east part of Asia. Kampong Glam districts provide quick stops and alternatives staying within the city center itself.  While rich travelers opt to stay in the more expensive establishments in the city center and there are more budget options you can get in the Little India, Bugis and Kampong Glam etc.

When it comes to budget travel, there are many backpackers’ hostels and dorm-style inns available in Singapore. Some of the best hostels where you can pay for one night of around 13 to 14 Singapore dollars such as Clifden hostel, Coziee Lodge and Betel Box Backpackers Hostel.

The two districts also offer good mid-range options by offering good comfort and better facilities as well. The Beach Hotel Singapore lies near the Bugis station of the MRT starting at 100 SGDs, thus making it one of the cheapest options in this area. Other alternatives will be Park View Hotel on Beach Road, starting at 98 dollars and South East Asia Hotel on Waterloo Street etc.

If you are looking to stay in the Bugis or Kampong Glam districts, such establishments can easily be accessed using MRT. The Bugis station and Lavender station are both key stations from where you can get access to these two districts. When Going west via Rocher Road takes one to Little India, and south takes one to Orchard Road via Victoria Street.

Bugis and Kampong Glam are both famous districts where you will enjoy the colorful sights of temples and mosques and all these places having great history behind them. Foremost among these is the Kwan Im Thong Hood Cho temple on Waterloo Street, a temple of the Goddess of Mercy Kuan Yin.

Some both districts are also famous for many play clubs, when you get bored of them, you can get to these clubs like and play games of your wish.

The Bugis and Kampong Glam districts offer various things such as shopping malls, bazaars, and stalls for tourists of all ages. After doing or in the middle of the shopping, shoppers can go and eat at a wide variety of dining establishments available all over the two districts, including restaurants that meet the needs of every visitor and various cuisines you will get are Thai, Middle Eastern or Muslim food. With the two district’s temples, hundreds of shops, and cheap accommodations, Bugis and Kampong Glam are truly worthy destinations to be visited for sure during your vacation at Singapore.

Eastern Singapore – Perfect Fusion Of Ancient Charms And Contemporary Ambiences

The major highlights of eastern Singapore include the attractions such as Geylang, Katong and Changi as well, in which each place has its own distinct features and characteristics. Geylang district is famous for its unique combination of notorious and spiritual activities but, Katong district is famous to do shopping and to enjoy with several cuisines. And finally, Changi attracts the visitors with its splendid entertainment and world-class accommodation options.

The Lure and lore of Geylang:

One can explore numerous surprising attractions when they roam through the Lorong’s from north to south. You can find many colorful temples, renovated shop-houses and picturesque views of the district. Make a visit to the Amitabha Buddhist center where you will understand the real meaning of spirituality and peace.

Katong – The heart of Singapore’s Peranakan Culture:

When you walk from the Paya Leber MRT station to the Still Road in the west side, and to the East Coast Park in the south, Katong is home to plentiful quality restaurants, bars, playing clubs of football betting, business centers are really worth exploring. Apart from that, you can enjoy watching renovated Peranakan-style of terrace shop-houses and several temples, mosques and churches as well. Thus, visitors should not ignore visiting the Peranakan influence in order to enjoy the food, cultures and religion.

Unique Environment and Culture of Changi:

This is situated at the extreme east of Singapore, where the area was once dominated by Malay villagers. But today, Changi is extra-ordinary development with modern housing estates, reclamation projects and attraction hotels and restaurants and even the airport is located here. It will take one day for you to roam and enjoy inside the Changi airport as there are many man-made decorations present here. Now, the newly constructed Changi Jewel waterfall is another attraction. Place of Changi is a pleasant atmosphere where you will enjoy the alluring sea-facing parks and a range of quality dining and wining avenues making this area popular among holiday-makers.

It is better not to miss above wealthy regions of Singapore. Accommodation options are also available in a several ways to match your requirement and budget. So, plan your trip in such a way covering all the above places.

Discover The Best Historic Places In Malaysia

Malaysia has many interesting and historical places that are well-known in throughout the world. As they are much famous, many tourists from world-wide visit Malaysia to enjoy their vacation here.

 Here are the best historical places in Malaysia to be visited for sure:

The Melaka Sultanate Palace Museum:

The Melaka Sultanate Palace museum is located in Malacca, Malaysia which is reconstructed palace of the Malacca’s sultans. This museum is to show the history of the whole Malaccan region. The museum display various collections of artifacts, prints, photographs and different art works made by residents of community during Melaka period. This palace is a three-storey building having three galleries with eight total chambers showcasing the royal weaponries, bands, halls and the royal gifts.

The Saint Paul Church in Malacca:

This was built by the Portuguese in 1521, and this is one of the five Portuguese-made churches in the hills. This church is located at the top of Saint Paul’s hill. Its ruins is still preserved and visited by many tourists.

The A Formosa Fortress:

This “Formosa Fortress” means famous in Portuguese. This is built by the Portuguese during 1500’s and is one of the best historical sites in Malaysia. The fortress plays a major rile in the Malaysian History and culture, as it faced a lot of changes and finally came to an end after ruled by several foreign invaders. In order to know about the ancient cultures and structures, visit this fortress.

The Bukit China:

This is actually a Chinese cemetery located in the northeast part of Malacca. Here there are large number of graves in Bukit of approximately more than 12500 which even have dates back in the 17th century. Many research scientists have been shocked after visiting this place, as the place plays a major role in the history of Malaysia.

Kampung Kling Mosque:

An old mosque in Malacca which was built in 18th century by the Indian Muslims is Kampung Kling Mosque. The mosque has a Sumatran design with a wooden roof that is three-tiered. It is one of the well-known historical sites in Malaysia and thus acting as a famous destination for many tourists. This place is located near to the playing clubs such as Online Casinos Malaysia. So after visiting the mosque, you can enjoy playing here.

How To Win Singapore Toto Lottery Games?

Lottery numbers are usually randomly drawn. If you want to win the lottery games, it is necessary to track the drawn numbers, as it will form some patterns which will help you to draw the right number. Analyzing them in a right way will help you to win the Lottery games. Though some countries strictly banned lottery games, countries like Singapore will allow the people to play lottery games controlled by Singapore Government Tote Board.

Singapore Government allowing people to play three lottery games such Toto, 4D and Sweep. Let us discuss how to win Toto games:

Odd-Even Lotto Number Tips:

When you choose your lottery numbers, try to choose them in a mix of both odd and even numbers. As, all even numbers or all odd numbers happen rarely in a game. The best mix given in is to have 2/4, 4/2 or 3/3, which actually means two odd and four even or four odd and two even or three odd and three even.

High-Low Lotto Number Tips:

Winning numbers usually spread across the entire number field which is divided into the halves. In Toto 49-number game, numbers from 1 to 24 come under low half and numbers from 25 to 49 come under high half. For choosing the numbers go for the mix of both low half and high half numbers. As, all high numbers or all low numbers are rarely drawn in a game.

Lottery Number Group Strategies:

It is necessary to maintain the record of past winning numbers and try to find patterns if possible, which will help you to choose the new winning number. Tracking and studying number groups help you to decide the winning number.

Lottery Number Sum:

When you choose six numbers to be played, add them and see the result whether it falls between 115 to 185. As sums falling under this range usually accounts for 70 % of all lottery jackpots won.

Repeat Hits Lottery Tips:

In toto game, one lottery number will be repeat hit and, it is considered from the last drawing percentage of the time. Thus, you can make use of number strategies in order to improve your odds of winning larger prizes.




Spend Your Next Holiday In Singapore

Most of the people around the world plan their vacation in Singapore and, so what is great about Singapore? There are many reasons that attract people all around the globe to Singapore such as vibrating tourist spots, amazing nightlife, food at your budget, affordable places for staying etc. If one looks for a romantic outing or a family outing or with friends outing, then Singapore is one such best place, which will fulfill all those visitors. This dynamic place has a diverse culture and, it has a blend of culture, cuisine, arts and architecture.

After visiting Singapore, most of the travelers describe this place as Unique place to remember. The country acts as a perfect blend of east and west. Singapore is not just one small island but, it is a group of 63 islands known as archipelago. This island serves as a busiest port in the world and acting as a leading destination for both business and leisure activities.

Singapore culture is a perfect blend of Chinese, Malay, Indian and Westerners. It is really amazing that different nationalities blending with each other which creates a different new world. Here people have a different lifestyle and its about “Living life to their fullest”.

Singapore has best-quality electronic products and hence, plan some budget particularly for spending on electronic products.  Another interesting thing about Singaporeans is the unique way of enjoying their leisure time. Betting in Singapore is one such popular game played by them.

There are various packages available to spend your holiday in Singapore. In order to enjoy your vacation at Singapore, make sure you plan everything in advance to avoid any kind of disappointments. It is crucial that you are planning earlier about shopping wish list along with activities you want to experience in the city.

In Singapore, make sure that you are visiting few places such as Underwater World, Dancing Water Fountain, Night Safari and Jurong Bird Park.

Admiring SingaporeHave a safe trip and have fun:

Choose the Singapore tour itinerary package that will cover the major spots of the country. Book your package in advance, to avoid any disappointments. During festive seasons, ensure that you are booking soon to avoid spending extra-charges. Thus, choose the most economical holiday package to make your dream come true.

Best Luxurious Places To Stay In Singapore

Singapore has become one of the hot destinations in the Southeast regions of Asia. It was inspired by many people as the world’s “city in a garden”, this place is real fun to explore. In order to help you experience the best of Singapore, here is the list of best luxurious hotels to stay in Singapore:

Fairmont Singapore:

When you plan for vacation, you have to stay in the hotel during your trip that should provide you luxury, convenience and relaxation as well. This is located in the Raffles City Complex and the hotel having direct connection with Raffles City Shopping Center and MRT station. Various amenities provided by Fairmont hotel are ceiling windows offering amazing city views. You can enjoy having different cuisines of food and the hotel is decorated with plush and modern furnishings. The best part is that all rooms provide a view of the skyline and Marina Bay Waterfront. Also, rooms will have Nespresso machines to enjoy having your best coffee.

The Ritz-Carlton, Millenia Singapore:

This hotel is extremely on a new level in providing luxury, located in the heart of the Marina Bay. You have to walk just a few minutes in order to reach the famous tourist spots such as Singapore Flyer, ArtScience Museum, Gardens by the bay and Theaters on the bay. This luxury hotel offers amazing facilities such as a spa, fitness centre, playing clubs like and a Michelin star restaurant, and also it offers an immaculately landscaped garden. Same standard is maintained throughout the rooms too. The Ritz-Carlton owns beautiful rooms filled with all kind of luxuries and providing the view of the Marina Bay. All rooms come with iPod docks, rain showers and walk-in closets.

Marina Bay Sands:

In general, if anyone mention the best hotel list, you will see them mentioning with Marina Bay Sands as one of the best hotels in their list. Its architecture plays a crucial role and acting as an iconic landmark for Singapore. This hotel is home to the one of the most beautiful swimming pools in the world. Special thing about this infinity pool is its location on the top of the building on Sky-park. Swimming pool present in the boat-shaped sky-park and the skypark mounted on the top of three towers, which is really stunning and inspiring. The rooms of the hotel are beautifully decorated and are as lavish and extravagant as you can imagine. If you have money to spare, this is definitely one of the best luxurious hotels to stay in while holidaying in Singapore.

Popeyes Chicken Recipes

A typical day at the mall will never be complete without having a good meal from one of the restaurants or fast food chains. Shopping and strolling can be tiring and only a good meal can take the stress away. Choices where to dine or what to eat will be limited if you are a health buff and the favorite of many is the chicken. One of the famous food chain in every establishment is the Popeyes Chicken. It is worth to note the dietary content that you can take when you’re eating Popeyes Chicken Recipes.  Remember that this establishment is offering fried chicken. On a general note, fried chicken is high in fat and calories. So it pays to know how much you can get ordering Popeyes famous fried chicken. But don’t fret, this establishment offers an alternative Popeyes Chicken Recipes to answer your health needs.

The first in our mind is thinking how high the fat content of a Popeyes fried chicken. A typical order will contain 46 grams. This is the set of two piece chicken dark meat with gravy, biscuits, and mashed potato. This meal contains 207 milligrams of cholesterol too. Take note that the ideal is to take 30 to 35 grams of fat and 300 milligrams of cholesterol on a daily basis. These levels are for normal people without medical restrictions. Does this mean that you must not eat anything after eating Popeyes fried chicken meal? Not really, because there is an alternative Popeye meal for that. In ordering your meal, ask for the chicken breast part without skin and breading. Instead of gravy or mashed potato, replace is with green beans and corn on the cob. This will surely cut back a huge amount of fat and cholesterol without taking your enjoyment of eating the famous Popeyes Chiken recipes.

Did you know that Popeyes chicken tender has 2,000 milligrams of sodium? Did you know too that the recommended daily sodium allowance is only 2,400 milligrams a day? If the chicken tender is the neck level of the recommended daily allowance, Popeyes fried chicken exceeds it. Note that sodium content of green beans is high too so it would be better if you’ll settle to corn on the cab with zero sodium content. Po’ boy sandwich is also a good alternative because it only contains 0.56 milligrams of sodium.

The ideal daily protein content is between 65 to 80 grams. Popeyes Chicken recipes can supply half of the daily recommended value. So if you are on a protein diet, this is a good choice.

Avoid ordering it six piece Cajun wings meal as well as grilled and crispy sandwiches. These are composed of 595 calories. Instead, replace it with low calorie Popeye sandwiches such as loaded chicken wrap or chicken biscuit. Actually, the chicken alone is already 400 calories. Partnering it with side dishes will make the caloric content higher. So, think twice before your order the side dishes. If you need to, choose those with lesser calories.

Almost every meal is partnered with biscuits or bread. We all know that bread and biscuits are major contributors of carbohydrates. Do not forget that half of the calories come from carbohydrates. So if you’re strict in counting your caloric intake and you still want to enjoy Popeye chicken recipes, you make take the bread or biscuits off.

A healthy chicken recipe

As life is getting busy day by day, and women also moving out for work, there is very less time left for kitchen. This leads to quick cooking recipes. Although we must not forget our health, so in case you are searching Internet for quick cooking recipes, also add healthy recipes. Let me suggest you some quick cooking recipes. Let me begin with healthy chicken recipe.

Making BBQ chicken is a challenge as it is tough to prevent burning the outside of chicken before cooking it inside through. But applying barbecue sauce on chicken may solve it. A different technique-electric skillet may also be used to make tender and tasty.

Preparation Time – 10 min

Cooking Time – 40 min

Ingredients: 1 tsp. Oil, 3 lbs. chicken pieces, kosher salt and black pepper, 16 oz. barbecue sauce, 16 oz. orange soda

Preheat electric skillet up to 275 degrees F. Put oil and season chicken

Using salt as well as pepper on both sides. Wait for oil to get before adding chicken to skillet. Wait for 2 minutes till first side turns brown and then flip. Barbecue sauce along with orange soda can now be added. Keep cooking, basting occasionally, for 35-40 min or until it is through cooked.

You and your guests are certainly going to love the taste of this chicken. Prepared with only five ingredients, BBQ chicken is a healthy chicken recipe and is a healthy recipe as well.


One of the children’s favorite parts of a chicken is the thigh. Chicken have emerged from about 8000 years ago and from that time on, various ways of cooking and preparing chicken was already made. However, before buying or cooking chicken there are a few tips to remember. When buying chicken, you should check the color and the smell. It should be white yellowish or pale pink in color and the smell should not be bad for it means that the chicken is already spoiled. When you feel like eating one, here is a chicken thigh recipe that is simple and easy to follow.

This recipe is called Grilled Chicken Thigh. Few ingredients are needed and there are three simple steps to follow. The basic equipment needed is a grill or a broiler. In a small bowl, combine a table spoon of minced garlic, 6 trimmed and minced scallions, chili paste, salt, half teaspoon of ground allspice and a tablespoon of canola oil then add a half cup of boiling water .  It will serve as the sauce of the chicken. Set it aside and prepare the chicken. In the meantime, using salt and pepper sprinkle it to the chicken and grill for about 15 minutes. Finally, stir it in lime juice, then serve the chicken while still hot together with the sauce.

 With this chicken thigh recipe, eating chicken thigh would not be the same again. This recipe would change your eating experience you wouldn’t forget that eating chicken thigh is still the best.