Discover The Best Historic Places In Malaysia

Malaysia has many interesting and historical places that are well-known in throughout the world. As they are much famous, many tourists from world-wide visit Malaysia to enjoy their vacation here.

 Here are the best historical places in Malaysia to be visited for sure:

The Melaka Sultanate Palace Museum:

The Melaka Sultanate Palace museum is located in Malacca, Malaysia which is reconstructed palace of the Malacca’s sultans. This museum is to show the history of the whole Malaccan region. The museum display various collections of artifacts, prints, photographs and different art works made by residents of community during Melaka period. This palace is a three-storey building having three galleries with eight total chambers showcasing the royal weaponries, bands, halls and the royal gifts.

The Saint Paul Church in Malacca:

This was built by the Portuguese in 1521, and this is one of the five Portuguese-made churches in the hills. This church is located at the top of Saint Paul’s hill. Its ruins is still preserved and visited by many tourists.

The A Formosa Fortress:

This “Formosa Fortress” means famous in Portuguese. This is built by the Portuguese during 1500’s and is one of the best historical sites in Malaysia. The fortress plays a major rile in the Malaysian History and culture, as it faced a lot of changes and finally came to an end after ruled by several foreign invaders. In order to know about the ancient cultures and structures, visit this fortress.

The Bukit China:

This is actually a Chinese cemetery located in the northeast part of Malacca. Here there are large number of graves in Bukit of approximately more than 12500 which even have dates back in the 17th century. Many research scientists have been shocked after visiting this place, as the place plays a major role in the history of Malaysia.

Kampung Kling Mosque:

An old mosque in Malacca which was built in 18th century by the Indian Muslims is Kampung Kling Mosque. The mosque has a Sumatran design with a wooden roof that is three-tiered. It is one of the well-known historical sites in Malaysia and thus acting as a famous destination for many tourists. This place is located near to the playing clubs such as Online Casinos Malaysia. So after visiting the mosque, you can enjoy playing here.

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